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Please help fund an Eye Clinic in the Cox’s Bazar refugee camp in Bangladesh.

The UN says this is "the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis and a major humanitarian emergency." Help us to play our part by providing sight-restoring treatments to Rohingya refugees.


We aim to raise $90,000 to fund the building materials, equipment, medical staff and utilities needed to open a surgical clinic in the Rohingya refugee camps; The Fred's Vision Eye Clinic.


As well as donating, you can also create your own appeal to encourage your friends and family to donate to your page to help fund the eye clinic.


More than a million people have fled violence and persecution into the largest and fastest growing refugee camp in the world, near Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. Thousands are also blind.


By now, you will have seen it on the news - the Rohingya refugee crisis has captured the world’s attention. More than a million people have set up makeshift shelters out of bamboo and plastic, entire families living in the small tents. They are in desperate need of food, adequate shelter and life-saving health services.


As if this hardship wasn’t enough, an estimated 50,000 Rohingya refugees are waiting for cataract surgery – many are blind.

"Imagine fleeing violence and persecution. Imagine witnessing your village burnt to the ground. And now imagine fleeing through the jungle and across the water while also being blind."

-  Ray Martin





Many people stay needlessly blind because they live in poverty. In developing countries, blindness denies people education, independence and the ability to work – things which can break the poverty cycle. But all this can be changed with as little as $25.


See the power of your donation:


In some developing countries, this is all it takes to restore someone’s sight and significantly change their future.


With this money, up to 20 intraocular lenses can be manufactured and used in sight restoring operations.


over 18 months

This covers the training of a much needed trachoma surgeon in Ethiopia – giving back sight to tens of thousands.



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